Franklin Hosts Math Night

Franklin Hosts Math Night
Posted on 01/23/2017
Franklin Hosts Math NightPort Angeles, Wash. – Franklin Elementary staff and teachers organized Math Night for its students and families on Thursday, January, 19, 2017 at the school. 

Families arrived early for pizza then enjoyed twenty math games placed throughout the school and hosted by Franklin teachers.

Games played were: Roll a Number, Math War, Measurement, Addition and Subtraction War, Addition Salute, 99, Hog Wild, Pattern Puzzle, Teddy Bear Slide and Jump, Multiplication Salute, Multiplication War, Secret Number Game, Exploring Multiplication and Division with Legos, Producto, Kapow, Math Card Games, Exploring Equivalent Fractions with Legos, Sleuthing for Patterns, Musical Math and Playing Card PE.

Accompanying photo shows Math War participants led by Franklin kindergarten teacher Kyle Tallmadge. Left to right, are Aiden Almaden, Addyson Halvorsen, Anna McGuire and Tallmadge. (Addyson is McGuire’s daughter; Aiden is her nephew. Aiden is in kindergarten; Addyson is in first grade.  Both are Franklin students.

For Math War, two players do not look at their cards but hold the cards, facing out, on their foreheads.  A third player adds the number for the two cards shown and calls out the number.  Player one and two need to work out the answer for the value of the card on their forehead!

Photo Credit:  Port Angeles School District

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